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Juan Pablo Sanchez

Founder & Lead Consultant

Hello, I'm Juan Pablo, the go-to public health and global health strategist for leaders who are committed to solving the world's most pressing challenges through transformative, innovative, and holistic solutions. As a proud Colombian-born immigrant, first-generation graduate, and public health professional, I am passionate about helping others and I believe in the power of opportunity. In my life and throughout my career, I know that cookie-cutter, single-issue solutions can have limited impact and hinder the potential for transformative change. I decided to start Holistix Global Health Solutions to revolutionize how we approach providing the most basic necessities to those who need it the most. We believe our comprehensive approach, innovation, commitment to sustainability, and community focus are the keys to improving health outcomes for everyone around the world. I invite you to partner with us.

Industry Experts

Elizabeth Dunn

Humanitarian Assistance, Disaster Response, & Emergency Management Specialist

I am a public health practitioner and professor who builds community resilience through evidence-based public health practices designed to engage, inspire, and drive change. These practices facilitate interdisciplinary dialog, develop social capital, and also support economic development. I specialize in evaluating disaster management systems, conducting community needs assessments, and leading public health projects focused on international economic development in post-conflict recovery and local disaster planning and preparedness.

Adam Johnson

Global Health Program Specialist

I am a global health program specialist with vast experience in managing portfolios of global health projects and initiatives focused on health systems strengthening, building epidemiological capacity, and improving health outcomes in communities. I specialize in program management, policy analysis, and partnership development with global health stakeholders including the CDC, WHO, and Ministries of Health across Latin America and the Caribbean, sub-saharan Africa, and southeast Asia.

Dr. Yolima Moncada

Clinical Management Specialist

I am a doctorate nurse practitioner with over 18 years of experience in all areas of clinical management with a focus in primary health care and urgent care. As a clinical leader, I specialize in developing programs that provide the best preventive care for underserved populations in a culturally sensitive manner.

Augustine Emuwa

Equity & Social Impact Specialist

I am an educator and entrepreneur dedicated to creating social impact through equity-driven innovation and service. I am a Chicago native who has spent nine years in school leadership (and almost 20 years as an educator) where my experience of leading in underserved communities sparked my passion for writing, storytelling and public narrative. I specialize in legacy improvement and brand positioning for schools, companies and nonprofit organizations.

Brittany Daniels

Health Equity & Community Health Specialist

I am a results-driven public health specialist in health equity, sexual health, social determinants of health, adolescent health, health education, and community health. I specialize in providing administrative, data, and quality management functions for programs with a focus on project management, data analysis, and stakeholder engagement.

Noni Abdur-Razzaq

International Development Specialist

I am an international development and foreign relations specialist that leads impact projects that increase socioeconomic opportunities for women and children around the globe. I specialize in providing organizational leadership, strategic planning and communications, and managing projects focused on interdisciplinary community capacity building in collaboration with international development and foreign relations organizations and entities.

Angel Diaz

HR Business Partner and DE&I Advisor

I am a skilled global HR leader and DE&I practitioner with experience in both the non-profit and private sectors. I specialize in the development and implementation of corporate diversity and inclusion strategies including recruitment, performance management, leadership development, employee engagement, and retention.

Our Mission

Our mission is to help create a healthier and more equitable world by providing holistic, innovative, and sustainable solutions for the world’s most pressing issues.

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